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Pediatric Care

As children develop and grow they rely on sensory input from their environment.  This input sends feedback to their developing brains.  Interference in a child's nervous system caused by subluxation can impede the neural feedback, affecting the brain's interpretation of the environment.  When the subluxations are corrected through gentle, pediatric-specific chiropractic care, the child's nervous system is better connected and can develop and grow free of interference.

So how do we know if there is nervous system interference in kids?

Common childhood problems can be signs of underlying subluxation and will often self-resolve once the spinal dysfunction is corrected.  

The most common ones that we see correlating to subluxation in our office are:


There are other physiological processes that also affect these common childhood problems, but we often find that the body is able to better regulate and heal when it is clear of nervous system interference.

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