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Wednesday Wellness: IWD Shout Out to Our Ladies!

Shout out to some of our favorite boss ladies for IWD!

To watch the video click HERE!

#riseandshine #eastowngr #internationalwomensday #girlboss #wellaligned @goldcoastdoulas @eastownbirth @gingerblossomdoula @grnaturalbirth @shira_johnson_lactation @simplybornbirth @mibornraised @westmimidwifery @renewmamstudio @fit4momgr @muirwellness @amyoga111 @alissamarieyoga @beth.ann.townsend @beaubienbodyworks @grpeaceplace @mamasandmisses_pt @corymay @dr.hayleyvanbeek.dpt @emmytuna @616counseling @fellowtherapy


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