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Wednesday Wellness - Dysautonomia

Is your child suffering from a multitude of issues like mood disorders, gut problems, chronic pain, and fatigue? 🤔 Despite seeing specialist after specialist, do you still feel like you’re missing the answers and effective action steps you seek? 😣

While traditional medical doctors and neurologists may be able to explain some of the symptoms and connect a few dots, when it comes to things like Dysautonomia, POTS, and other deeper neurological issues in kids, many times they fail to really understand how all of these various health challenges are linked together. 🔗

Dysautonomia occurs when the nervous system has gone through too much stress and dysfunction, and over time it becomes wound up, disorganized, and worn out or exhausted. When it reaches this final stage of dysregulation and exhaustion, that’s when more symptoms and bigger problems set in. 😫

To learn more about what first triggers this storm called dysautonomia, and most importantly how to help your child without dangerous drugs or medications, watch this video from Dr. Annie and Dr. Rachel all the way through.


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