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Guest Spot: Yoni Steaming Postpartum with Becky of Sacred Self Pathways

Yoni Steaming: An Ancient Healing Ritual for Women in The Postpartum Yoni steaming has become very popular in the media and amongst women in the United States in the past few years. There are good reasons for that too! Steaming is emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healing. In this modern world, a reported 1 in 3 women currently have or will end up having pelvic health problems by the age of 60. On top of that, women are stressed, burned out and living on autopilot more than they would like to admit. It’s no wonder why Yoni Steaming is making a come back at this time. This seemingly new and trendy practice is actually an ancient and Universal way of women. It has been around since the beginning of time. (There are actually cave drawings of it!) Traditionally, steaming was prescribed to women in the postpartum by midwives to aid in the healing process after birth. Steaming brings warmth, circulation and acknowledgment to the Sacred part of our body that has just brought life into this world. This ancient and Innate practice allows women to slow down and breathe so they can recognize and honor this Rite of Passage into motherhood and reflect on how incredible they are. Yoni Steaming has also been practiced throughout history to prevent and heal a myriad of reproductive health issues. Issues that are now common and considered “normal”. Let me tell you though, they are anything but normal! Women are not meant to suffer like they are, in the postpartum or at any age and stage. Our bodies are communicating with us and when we listen, we Remember, and we have the ability to change what's happening and to truly heal. What is Yoni Steaming and How Does it Actually Work?

Yoni steaming is a practice where a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina (vulva) and up into her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries (womb space). This area is a powerful access point and allows the herbal medicine to go directly into the bloodstream. The warmth increases blood circulation to your Yoni and actually allows all of your organs to function more efficiently and properly as a result. Steaming is most commonly done by sitting comfortably on a low wooden sauna or kneeling over a bowl of warm/hot herbal water. You are then wrapped in a blanket to seal in the heat. It feels soothing like the perfect temperature bath. Benefits of Steaming in the Postpartum:

-Heals the vaginal canal opening

-Reduces skin swelling

-Clears out lochia (afterbirth and fluids cleansing out of the uterus)

-Shrinks Hemorrhoids

--Assists with weight loss by dispersing water dampness and increasing circulation

-Helps uterus reduce in size

-Lifts the uterus & organs into place

-Facilitates proper repositioning of neighboring organs

-Addresses pre-pregnancy menstrual cycle imbalances

-Stimulates breast milk production

-Reduces incidence of infection

-Helps disinfect and heal stitches and tears

-Relieves postpartum contractions

-Helps regain sexual pleasure

-Helps to clear the body of trauma

-Helps women take time to process the birth

-Allows for deep Self Care and reflection

For more information and to book with Becky Haderer- Tamburello, Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Postpartum Doula and Well Woman Alignment Practitioner go to

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